Quality v. Quantity

Since I have now adjusted to my new body, I am faced with the dilemma of quality v. quality in designing my new wardrobe.

If you read all the fashion books and magazines, they will tell you to mix a little of both. They tell you to put your money in the quality staples such as your perfect black suit, handbags, shoes, and other timeless pieces. The items of fashion that are sure to change are where you can spare the expense and go for some quantity.

After thinking through this concept, I have determined where I have decided to put my quality and where to put my quantity. Since my style belongs to me, I have the latitude to make this decision for myself.

I will address my quality items first.

As I have mentioned in a previous article, my skin is always visible.  This is an area where I choose to spend for quality products. If my skin is well-cared for and maintained, then the quality of makeup is a lesser issue. Of course I prefer quality makeup, but that is a personal choice, not a necessity.

A great hair cut is another item I must have in quality.  My hair is as visible as my skin, and I want my hairstyle to scream quality.

My quality accessories include shoes, handbags, and jewelry. Regardless of my body shape or size, these items rarely change, and they are hard to outgrow. I know to wear shoes appropriate to my size and lifestyle, not too high and not to skinny. A lower heel, regardless of style, just looks better on me. It keeps me from looking like I am teetering on stilts. Plus, it is much easier on my aging joints.

I love medium-sized to large handbags. I am very picky regarding my handbags. They must be of quality, have a superb organization system inside, and of course be a neutral color of the rainbow. I do not like shoulder bags. My shoulders are broad with a slight slope, and I prefer to carry my handbag rather than constantly moving it back up on my shoulder.

Jewelry is wonderful! I prefer original, large pieces. And I have found wonderful places to buy from. Have you considered looking at pawn shops and estate sales? I love these. It is ok to wear used precious metals and stones. It’s a heck of a lot cheaper too. Plus, there may be an interesting history that goes with the piece your purchase. I prefer quality on my jewelry because it will last forever and I will not outgrow it.

I prefer an organized closet so that I can locate any item I need immediately. This includes my full-size mirror. Remember, no VPL’s.

The rest of my wardrobe is simply purchased based on my love of the look of the item. I cannot put a price tag on my style and overall look, as I rely on confidence.

Confidence! Where the world of quality, quantity, and style meet. There are days where I have worn the best quality piece I owned, but did not wear it with confidence. All the money in the world could not make me look quality. And, there are days where I felt beautiful in a very inexpensive outfit.

So my formula is going for confidence. The quality and quantity will balance on their own.

Stay Real,



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One response to “Quality v. Quantity

  1. Savy Shopper

    I agree with investing in quality pieces, too. Price, however, is negotiable. Many quality items can be found on sale or discounted.

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