Getting to Know Myself, Again

I have spent the past few months getting to know myself, again.

I had a birthday a few months ago, and my body made several changes in shape that caused me to completely learn how to dress myself.

I did not gain weight, I merely rearranged into a shape that was foreign to the body I had known all my life. I ate the same; I worked out the same; I weigh the same, but my body decided to expand its middle (I do not know where it pulled the size from, possible my ears and forearms).

I have tried on every article of clothing I have, to determine the new best way to wear it. If I cannot make an item work, and I have several of these, then I donate it. The iffy items are at the tailors being reworked to fit my new “me.”

At first I was in denial, and blamed the change on a lack of fiber in my diet, water retention, breathing incorrectly during my workouts, etc. But the truth is, after a few weeks, I could see that my new body was here to stay, at least for a while. Perhaps it is hormones?

Regardless of the reason, I am excited about getting to know my new body. The change made me reflect on my body’s devotion to me. Regardless what I asked of my body, it was there and performed. I abused it, denied it sleep, fed it poorly, and overworked it. But, it never complained about it until now. So, I am going to give my body the same devotion it has given me all these years. If my body needs to rearrange to a new shape, then it has a reason that I am not questioning.

My body is a Real Woman, with a Real Style. The style is now evolving.

Stay Real,



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