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Watch Where you Slit

I have this beautiful red skirt suit. As noted in my last posting, I am getting to know myself, again.

I have determined skirt suits and dresses are a great way to get me through the hot months while making friends with my new me. Unlike most, I tend to retain water and am actually larger in the warmer months. The water retention and my new shape-Wow!

Back to the red skirt. This beautiful red skirt had a fun slit over the left leg to give it an edge. When worn in the past, the slit gave just a glimpse of my thigh, but not in an unprofessional manner. Well guess what? When I wore it the other day, the skirt slid half-way up my leg and the slit opened for all to see. Talk about road maps!

This eye opener made me realize that not all slits are appropriate for real women.

I prefer all my skirts to have a slit knowing that straight skirts look best on me. I must have a slit in my skirt so that I can easily enter most vehicles, and so no one hears a seam rip while moving. But in trying on various skirts and noticing the cut and style of the garment, I prefer all slits to be in the back of my skirt. Not only does the slit maintain professionalism, it does not create a disruptive line in my overall look.

Real women styles are made with these facts known. Their styles are created with the slits, curves, and darts in the correct place. Buying a bigger size in a misses does not always provide the best overall silhouette as illustrated in my red skirt. It is a beautiful skirt, but not designed for my body.

Regardless of which department you purchase your skirts, make sure you watch your slit. You can’t go wrong with a back slit.

Stay Real,




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Getting to Know Myself, Again

I have spent the past few months getting to know myself, again.

I had a birthday a few months ago, and my body made several changes in shape that caused me to completely learn how to dress myself.

I did not gain weight, I merely rearranged into a shape that was foreign to the body I had known all my life. I ate the same; I worked out the same; I weigh the same, but my body decided to expand its middle (I do not know where it pulled the size from, possible my ears and forearms).

I have tried on every article of clothing I have, to determine the new best way to wear it. If I cannot make an item work, and I have several of these, then I donate it. The iffy items are at the tailors being reworked to fit my new “me.”

At first I was in denial, and blamed the change on a lack of fiber in my diet, water retention, breathing incorrectly during my workouts, etc. But the truth is, after a few weeks, I could see that my new body was here to stay, at least for a while. Perhaps it is hormones?

Regardless of the reason, I am excited about getting to know my new body. The change made me reflect on my body’s devotion to me. Regardless what I asked of my body, it was there and performed. I abused it, denied it sleep, fed it poorly, and overworked it. But, it never complained about it until now. So, I am going to give my body the same devotion it has given me all these years. If my body needs to rearrange to a new shape, then it has a reason that I am not questioning.

My body is a Real Woman, with a Real Style. The style is now evolving.

Stay Real,


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