My Best Style

My daughter is a martial artist. She bows on the floor stating she will do her best, and she bows off the floor stating she did her best. I love this concept.

What if each morning when our feet hit the floor we say “I will do my best”? What a way to start the day. And each night when we go to bed we say “I did my best”? That alone should make us have a successful, accomplished day.  Do not say you will try to do your best, or will work on being your best, but do your best. One cannot ask more than that.

Now let’s apply this same concept to our style. Style is our individuality expressed in our fashions and actions.

Do my best fashion – remember that go-to outfit that is fail proof? Well, when you are facing a challenging day and need a “best” to start the day, wear that outfit. Don’t forget your artful application to your face, your smile, and your color. We all have challenging days, but we can always be our best. When you wake up facing a wonderful day, pump up the volume on your fashion while still remaining true to your style.

Do my best actions – style not only encompass fashion’s tangible items, but intangible items as well. Your fashion style is enhanced and contains your poise, confidence, and body-language. These items are strong definitions to your style. You want your body-language to match your verbal language. You want to appear confident and poised; if you are not now, with practice and best, you will be. These qualities enhance a person’s style, so make these your best.

Do your best style.

Stay Real,



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