Piercing the Corporate Veil

As a freshman in college, I was stylish and cool. I double pierced one of my ears. It looked great. Of course I had to wake up after passing out when getting it pierced, but one look in the mirror at the piercing and I knew I was cool.

I was cool until I had to begin my career, so my piercing became a tiny hole in my ear. But wearing the BIG earrings of the 80’s, no one really noticed.

About 10 years ago I decided to try cool one more time. This time I pierced my belly. I could actually see my belly then, so I went to my favorite tattoo parlor and said to pierce me up. I wasn’t allowed to pass out after this piercing because I had signed an agreement stating that I didn’t have a fainting issue. And I really don’t, I only pass out for pain. So, when I looked at my piercing after the cold sweats had passed, once again I was cool. The problem with this piercing is that I had to wear a huge band-aid over the piercing to avoid the waistband of my professional clothing from pulling or hurting it. I gave up on this one after a year.

Then I decided to move on to the cartilage piercing. I had my upper ear pierced with a whopping 3mm white-gold stud that no one could see. But, I knew it was there. That piercing lasted a couple of months until it came out during one of my workouts.

So the moral of my story is cool body, face, cartilage, tongue, and multiple ear piercings are better left to those in the non-corporate world. It just doesn’t “suit.”

Stay Real,



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