Swimming in Style

Let’s discuss a topic that most women run from – swimwear. For years I hated shopping for a bathing suit. I see places on my body I didn’t know existed, road maps that lead to nowhere, and the dreaded C word – Cellulite!

So, I decided to take a different approach to shopping for swimwear. It has made my life easier and it just might do the same for you. I begin with the cover-up.

As you know, I love to shop in the lingerie department for the perfect “clothing” find. While shopping, I found a perfect sheer, leopard-print robe. The robe length is mid-calf, and it has a simple closure only at the waist. This allows the “cover-up” to show just enough, but not too much. The fabric is sheer enough to allow the silhouette of the bathing suit to show through, but not sheer enough for my perceived flaws to show. This is the basis of my swimwear.

The hard part is over! All I need is something to wear underneath the cover-up. So I found an inexpensive solid black one-piece to wear underneath. (I added a brown one-piece as well so I could switch up). There was no trying on swimsuits under the scary dressing room lights. No ordering of dozens of suits, only to be disappointed by how I thought I looked, and then sending them all back. I now have a cover-up AND a suit, or two.

Let’s accessorize. I add some black sandals with painted toenails included, a big straw hat, and sunglasses (they are bifocals, Ssh).

Sunscreen is a must for my mighty translucent skin, so I slather in it and wear a lipstick that has sunscreen in it as well. I keep my makeup to a minimum since the bulk of my face is hidden under a hat and glasses.

As I have a great respect for the water and am allergic to swimming, I sit under an umbrella and read a book, with my bifocals. But if I did choose to take a dip, I am dressed in style and confidence which allows me the freedom to enjoy the experience.

Stay Real,



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  1. Yellowroseoftx

    Really great advice. I am going to forward this link to many of my professional female friends.

    Thank you Julia for saying what we all feel.

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