Dressing in Threes

I am a huge fan of dressing in threes. And by this, I mean a bottom, top, and jacket or version thereof. I dress in threes whether at work, social events, or casual days. It is “my style.”

So starting with this topic of dressing in threes, I have decided to play on these words and create a test for myself. Please feel free to join me in this, as I am interested in your comments.

I will choose three pants, three skirts, three jackets, three solid blouses, three printed blouses,three pairs of shoes, three purses, and three sets of jewelry from which to create outfit combinations. I am allowed to use only these items to come up with as many different non-casual combinations of outfits before repeating a combination. I decided not to set a goal of time, but rather a goal of how many different combinations I can create before creating the same look twice, or caving in to the other wonderful pieces in my closet. The changes of jewelry, shoes, and purses do not constitute different combinations; I just threw these in for giggles.

I will begin this challenge on March 1st, because that is the beginning of my spring season. Here are my tentative choices:

  • Pants:  Gray, Black, White
  • Jackets:  Black, White, Red
  • Skirts:  Black, Khaki Glen-plaid, Black and white tweed
  • Blouses: three solid, three multi-print
  • Purses:  Red, Turquoise, White with huge flower on front
  • Shoes: Black pumps, Dove Gray tasseled kitten-heeled pumps, Faux snakeskin sling-backs
  • Jewelry: 1.) Antique coin necklace with both white and yellow gold, coin bracelet with white and yellow gold, diamond studs, 2.) Silver pendant, silver cuff bracelet, silver studs, 3.) Gold necklace, gold link bracelet, and gold cuff hoops

All of these items should fit on ONE rolling rack. I will set this up in the guest room so I will not be tempted to visit my closet.

As much as I love my clothes, this will be a true test of my undying love for every piece I own. But if I succeed more than one month, then I might realize I have more pieces than I really need and dearly love. Nah, I really need and dearly love them all.

I will keep you abreast of my progress.

Wish me luck!


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