Guess What I Did!

I decided that yesterday was the day to change my hair color. I wanted to change the naturally-dyed brown hair of yesteryear, to the naturally-stripped white hair I have today.

Boy were my eyes opened! I had no idea how hard this task would be. It only took a team of four to do this. Kudos to my hairdresser and team, because they succeeded.

I had decided the day before, on a whim, that it was time to be a big girl and accept my “natural” hair color. Now, I have not seen this natural color except when the roots begin to show. In fact, I have not worn my natural hair color since I was 18, but I have reached a point in my life where I want to wear my “natural” hair color. I see some irony here.

Since my hair was dyed its natural-brown color only two weeks ago, it was a nice, strong, dark color. And just two months before that, I changed my nine-year red color back to my “natural” brown. So, at the time I scheduled my appointment, I did not realize that taking dark-brown hair (over nine years of red color) to white, may take more than a couple of hours. In fact, I never realize the extent of time and effort of any of my undertakings until they are complete. Hind-sight is great teaching tool.

After three processes and six hours later, my hair is now stripped to its natural, white color. I love it! Maybe nature does know what it is doing.

But remember, hair color is an accessory and can always be changed on a whim. I am living proof.

Stay Real,



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One response to “Guess What I Did!

  1. Yellowroseoftx

    WOW! What courage to make a drastic change and embrace it. You are as always inspirational! I wait anxiously for each new article on this site.

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