The Color Wheel

A color wheel is a definite closet must-have.

Think of getting dressed as creating art. You are the canvas, and your clothing is the color medium used for creating the work of art. The color wheel displays the colors, defines the various combinations of color, and shows how the colors work together.

Let’s look at some examples of how a color wheel helps me put together a wardrobe that uses my best colors, while putting together outfits that go.

I have a pair of dark purple pants that I adore. They are the starting point of my outfit. Now, what do I put with purple pants? I pull out my color wheel and see that the complimentary color to purple is yellow. Guess what? I have a yellow jacket in my closet and it pulls together my basic “suit,” so let’s move on to the blouse. Well, I have a silk blouse with gray as the background. The blouse pattern contains the colors blue, red, and green. The print is large, so the gray basically fades away. Blue and yellow makes green, so the yellow goes. Green is the complimentary color to red, so that color also goes. And blue is close to purple on the color wheel, so that combination also works. I have just created a beautifully-colored outfit that is uniquely mine.

Now, let’s pull out that color wheel and see how many other “suits” or outfits we can put with that one blouse. Since I am big on mixing prints with pinstripes, this blouse goes with a navy pinstripe with ease. I also have a gray suit, three if I remember correctly, so this is a no-brainer. Black or white suits would definitely pop with this blouse.

What if I were to pair the blouse with jeans and throw on a red cardigan or jacket? And let’s not forget the yellow jacket. What a color combination!

The color wheel saves many a closet meltdown. You are running late, and you grab the first suit available that happens to be navy. Grab a blue or green blouse. Those colors are beside blue and will look polished and understated.

Color is used in art. Color is used in nature. But mostly, color is used in creating a beautiful style – yours.

Stay Real,



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