Do You Know Yourself?

Can you pull one outfit from your closet that had to take you through today? The rules are you must wear the outfit all day, and the outfit has to include the clothes, one pair of shoes, one purse, one makeup look, and one set of jewelry or accessories needed to complete this outfit. Can you do it?  Would it take you one swift walk through your closet and all would be chosen? Or, would you sit in your closet wondering where to begin, what looks best, how can I narrow the outfit down to one? I hate this question.

For those that can answer a solid yes, then I applaud you. You know your style, you know your best colors, your body shape, but most of all you know yourself. You are the basis of your wardrobe. You can take this outfit, add a few pieces that “go,” and shine for the whole world to see. 

Now, if on the other hand, you stare at your closet, and can’t figure where to begin, maybe you need to get to know yourself. Getting to know yourself begins with honesty. You must be honest with yourself about your body shape, your best colors, clothes that represent your lifestyle, your stage in life. You! Remember, your wardrobe is an extension of You. One cannot build a wardrobe until they know themselves.

The great thing about knowing yourself is that you will begin to make the right purchases to achieve that perfect wardrobe, to present the real You. You will not be swayed by sales, fashion trends/nightmares, pressure from the sales clerks, or from friends.

Getting to know yourself is not magical, nor does it happen overnight. It takes trial and error to learn yourself so the world begins to see “You” emerging. I believe that failures are the best teachers.

Once you have reached the ability to pull the one outfit from your closet, and all the other pieces in your closet go with that outfit, then you will begin to know yourself.

Stay Real,



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