Does this Match?

How many mornings have you had a closet meltdown because you couldn’t find anything to wear? You tried on different combinations, but they just didn’t match, so you just picked up whatever you could find and put it on.

Rather than asking the question: “Does this Match,” what if you replaced the word “Matched” with the word “Go?”

You do need your “black suit” to match, because it is the basis of your wardrobe. But, when I shop for non-suit pieces, I view each piece I add to my wardrobe as a work of art. These pieces do not always match, but they always “go.” Somewhere in the subconscious, I pick up on an underlying theme, be it color, style, or some other attribute. I know it will go.

As a lover of menswear fabrics, I match tweed with herringbone, hounds-tooth, glen plaid, etc. Do these fabrics match? No. Do they go? Yes.

I mix prints with pinstripes. Again, does this match? No. Do they go? Yes. In fact, many compliments are given on the creative use of fabrics in creating the looks.

So when purchasing items for your wardrobe, ask yourself, “Does this Go?” You might be pleasantly surprised by the difference.

Stay Real,



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