Closet Must-Have: LBD

Ah, the LBD. Where would “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” be without it? This is definitely a must-have.

You always seem to find just the right dress at the wrong time, and cannot find the perfect dress at the needed time, so here is my solution.

Think separates. Yes, Little Black Separates. My LBD is actually LBS. I have three basic bottom pieces: palazzo pants with an elastic waist, a floor length skirt with an elastic waist, and a ¾ length skirt with an elastic waist. The elastic waist not only allows for a smooth line under your tops, but it allows for water fluctuations when you need the “dress” to fit in a pinch.

The tops to my little black separates consist of a sequined tank, a silk ¾ length sleeve sweater, and a lace bustier. I also have a velvet evening blazer, and a knit bolero. With these separates I can create a myriad of LBD’s.

With the LBS system, I simply match a bottom with a top to create the specific look needed.  I am not limited to one dress, one style, or one dress size. The LBS system is tailored to you. It is a win-win system.

Don’t be afraid to look in the lingerie departments for tops. I find some of my best purchases in that department.

When looking for accessories for your LBS, be creative. You can use makeup bags, pretty coin purses, or even unique eyeglass cases for evening bags. Jewelry is just as flexible. A pretty pendant tied on a ribbon, a long strand of pearls wrapped around your wrist, or a brooch pinned on your waist. Think out-of-the-box.

I only need one pair of evening shoes to carry various looks, so this allows me great freedom in other areas.

And my last secret, the LBS can be any color of the rainbow.

Stay Real,



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