Color: Nature v. Neutral

Several years ago, I found the perfect neutral purse. The color was sky blue. Perhaps, most people would not consider sky blue a neutral color, but look up when you go outside on a clear, sunny day. You just might see a blue sky. The purse style was similar to a doctor’s bag; some might even consider it more of a mini suitcase. But it was made of the softest pebble leather, and in fact, the sky blue did go with absolutely every item of clothing in my closet. My family considered it an impulse purchase, but to me, it was a once-in-a-lifetime find.

This gave me pause to ponder, if the sky goes with everything, then perhaps it is a neutral. As I looked around me, I realized that the sky goes with the grass, goes with the flowers, goes with the trees, etc. This opened up a whole new world of neutrals. Looking around nature, I rarely saw black, taupe, or saddle brown. I saw vibrant, beautiful color.

Now, yes, I do have the obligatory neutrals of black, taupe, and saddle brown in my closet for the professional events where some might not appreciate the beautiful colors of nature. But looking at my purses in the closet is like looking at a beautiful rainbow of neutrals.

Stay Real,




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2 responses to “Color: Nature v. Neutral

  1. Chrissy P.

    I never thought of trying that! You’ve inspired me to take a fresh look at my closet and mix it up a bit. Great advice.

  2. M

    No longer should “neutral” be boring! Love it!

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