Closet Must-Haves 4, 5, 6

Let’s move on to addressing three more closet must-haves. To review, my first three closet must-haves are a full-length mirror, a black suit, and skin care. I hope all of you have added these to your closets.

I notice that I keep reaching for these next three items, again and again, to get me through these blustery days of winter. So, I share them with you.

A Smile. A smile is a great item to wear. It lifts your spirits, it lifts other people’s spirits, but most of all, it lifts the corners of your mouth creating a more vibrant appearance. During this cold, winter season, so few people take the time to share their inner beauty with one another through their smile. Yes, it is gray and dreary outside. So wearing a smile is even more important. Smile when you answer the phone. It will show in your voice. Smile when you are with your family and friends. They will know you are enjoying their company. Smile, even when you don’t feel like it.

Coat. Most everything I read says a trench coat is a must for your closet. I agree that a trench coat is a very wise purchase, as it is a multi-functional coat. But here is an option that is also multi-functional – a cape. I purchased a cape about 15 years ago. Unfortunately, it went to clothing heaven as I used up every last thread. The cape fit my body regardless of my size. It was my winter coat during my pregnancy, pre and post. Due to the gliding nature of the piece, it gracefully covered my body as it morphed into different sizes and shapes. A cape fits over winter suits, weight gains and losses, and looks chic in most every situation. When running errands, put on cute shoes, an outfit, and Poof! You are chic and covered. But the main reason I prefer a cape to a trench coat is the fact that I do not have to tie a belt or wear a double-breasted coat that enhances my least attractive body parts. Yes, I purchased a new cape this year. It is gray, with a black diagonal zipper, and black buttons at the neck. It is perfect!

Hand Mirror. Hopefully, you added a full-length mirror to your closet. But do you have the hand mirror to hold at just that right angle to view your backside? How many people have you seen that look spot-on as you walk up to them, just to get an atrocious view of their backside as they pass by? There are many faux pas going unseen due to the lack of a view of the backside. Hair that looks like a rat attacked, jacket vents left uncut, jackets or sweaters pulling too tight across the shoulders, and OH NO! The dreaded VPL’s. Please do yourself a favor, and put a hand mirror in your closet so that your backside matches the beautiful you in the mirror.

Take a good look of yourself in the mirror, put on your winter coat, and smile.

Stay Real,




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2 responses to “Closet Must-Haves 4, 5, 6

  1. I so agree with “Smile”. People forget that style and image are not just about the clothes–it is about how we project ourselves, (and best of all, a smile costs nothing)!

  2. Belinda

    You have me rethinking my own closet. Geat points. Hand held mirror is definitely on my shoping list.

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