Color Your Style

I – am – so – excited. I just completed my color analysis on the computer and guess what – I am a Winter! So, the report says to run out and buy all my seasonal clothes and makeup so that my eyes will be brighter, my teeth whiter, and I will be amazing. But wait, the analysis only asked a few questions. What color is my hair? Brown. What color are my eyes? Blue. What shade of white-out is my skin? Translucent.

Based on these three questions, how does the computer, or anyone, really know my exact colors to make me lighter, brighter, smarter, and perfectly polished? Guess what – the computer forgot to ask my age.  It forgot to ask me if my “real” hair color is brown, or is it dyed my natural-brown color. Are my eyes still blue, or have they faded to a gray-blue, but I am still in denial and fudging on the real answer. Is my skin the same smooth color of translucent that it was a decade ago? What happened to the questions relating to my profession, personal preferences, and fashion style? Perhaps there is more to this seasonal magic than meets the eye.

As an image consultant, I want to be that special person that takes the three infamous questions and transforms them into your image, not a homogenous product.

Your color analysis and image are more than a mere short questionnaire. They are the perfect you waiting to emerge.

As decided above, I am a winter. My colors are black, white, red, and various other jewel tones. But wait, my black is no longer black. My black is now charcoal gray. And I have noticed that I have been purchasing my suits in navy (three of them), gray (again, three of them), and only one black. My famous red accents have slowly moved to a more claret color, and fuchsia softened to raspberry. Why, because I have aged and the softer colors provide me the same powerful look, without washing out my remaining translucent skin, or flaunting my emerging wrinkles. The colors also complement my naturally-colored dyed hair. I was unaware I was making these subtle changes, but subconsciously something just screamed that the changes were needed for the newly-aged me.

So we will begin with the answered questions, and start creating the perfect color palette. Although there are as many different ideas on color analysis as there are authors, the fact remains that you will fall into one of the four seasons; winter, spring, summer, or fall. There will be a season for you representing your best colors, but your colors may have softened within the season. Again, this is a normal procession of life. You will find that you are more confident in certain colors from your season, making you more in charge of your image. Using paint chips, yes I borrowed this wonderful idea from David Zyla, look and compare the colors to your personal likes and dislikes, as well as what will work with your life. This will become a mini package you can keep with you at all times to arm you with the correct tools for your purchases. In many cases, a need for an impulse purchase for immediate gratification is sought. This impulsive purchase for purely immediate gratification happens to everyone.

Maybe you fall into my target market of ages 40+, who has reached an executive or top professional position. You need the correct color wardrobe to enhance your credibility, wear the correct colors to your professional events, in order to create that critical first impression in any situation in which you may find yourself.

I see so many of our professional peers fall into the “black hole” as I call it, which is not as becoming to 40+ year-old skins. The color black becomes harsh to clients as they age and a new color may need to replace black. This is the age where you need to present yourself in your correct and most becoming colors to give you an edge over the other “black hole” professionals.

The color Black does not necessarily mean that you made it to the top. Black signifies that you may have lost touch with yourself and your station in life or simply that you have not taken the time to improve you. Your black suit need not be black, but your best color, be it gray, navy, chocolate, or other suitable professional color, or maybe it is black.

Your colors are confident. Your colors are fun. Your image begins.

Stay Real,




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2 responses to “Color Your Style

  1. Mike

    Excellent advice presented in clear and entertaining language. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Yellowroseoftx

    There are so many women like me that fall into the professional “black hole”. This article is more than good advice, it is a physical law…. somewhere close to Newton’s 3d law. Professional women need to pay attention to their professional look in order to garner the respect necessary in the professional world. Women over 40 are not the “Barbie Doll” we used to be. We are better! But we need to embrace the “newly aged” wonders that we are.

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